Bob DiGiacomo NYC based bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and composer
Bob DiGiacomo with a Bass

About me

Bob DiGiacomo is a multi instrumentalist composer based out of New York City. His music is centered on high energy instrumental rock with occasional touches of jazz and funk. The aim of the music is to harness the energy of rock, the feel of a Mo-town bass line, and the expansiveness of jazz all in the service of a strong melody. The song is king. Splinter Cell is the loose conglomerate of live and studio musicians who help bring to accomplish this goal and bring the music to life.

Currently, Bob has taken a hiatus from live performance to focus on the writing process. This has resulted in the release of two albums, 2018’s From A Dream and 2017’s About Time. A third (as of yet untitled) is anticipated in late 2019. He has also been enlisting the help of the members of Splinter Cell to update some previous releases as well as to mine the archives and put the finishing touches on some material that has been languishing in the vaults.

Splinter Cell is an ever-evolving group of mavericks and rebels who come together to bring the live element to Bob’s compositions. The current studio band consists of John Doing  on drums, Dan Puccio on saxophones, Mark Morgan on trumpet, and Adam Ahuja on piano.

Former members of the group include on drums; Pepe Benavides, Tommy Mintel, Paul Sherrard, Emmet VanEtten, on guitar; Jason Ennis, Jeff Fowler, Alvaro Kapaz, Grant Fisher, Michael-Louis Smith, Kuba Kujawa, and on keys; Jared Pauley, T.A. Williams, Zenith Apollo Star.

Stay tuned for new releases from Bob and Splinter Cell coming soon.
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