Bob DiGiacomo NYC based bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and composer

From a Dream


From A Dream literally began as a dream that came to me early one morning. In this dream I experienced a feeling of relentless determination, but also resolution and peacefulness. Luckily there was a piano riff riff accompanying all of that somehow. Most of the time an idea like that is lost once I wake up, but luckily, this time I was able to grasp on to it long enough to break through into consciousness. I rushed to the piano in my underwear, sat down, and sketched out the basic idea for the title track From A Dream.
From this kernel of an idea I collected songs, some new, some quite old, some deconstructed and built anew that produced in me the same types of feelings that I had experienced in this dream during those pre-dawn hours. You will find that I have allowed these songs be longer. Waking up from an unresolved dream can be maddening, as can cutting a song short before it has had a chance to fully develop. I encourage you, the listener, to take a deep dive and give these songs some time to develop during listening. Sometimes they will change pace just when you least expect it and take you somewhere completely new and fresh, just like a profound and emotionally resonant dream can.
Fundamentally, this album represents my most complete attempt yet to express with music that which I cannot with words. These 8 songs truly have brought my dreams to reality. I sincerely hope these songs will resonate with you, the listener, as much as they have with me and that you will be able to feel the intensity of hope, longing, energy, excitement, resolution, and peace that this music has brought to me. Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you.