Bob DiGiacomo
NYC based bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and composer


Splinter Group

Splinter Cell (aka The Splinter Group) is a revolving cast of characters based around Bob DiGiacomo’s compositions. The music is instrumental rock music. We draw inspiration from many different places, but all of us share an affinity for rock, funk, and jazz. Pictured below are Paul Sherrard, drums, and Grant Fisher, guitar, when the group was a trio. Members past and present include Jason Ennis, Jeff Fowler, Alvaro Kapaz, Kuba Kujawa, Michael-Louis Smith (guitar), John Doing, Emmet Van Etten, Tommy Mintel, Pepe Benavides (drums), Adam Ahuja, Jared Pauley (keys). Also joining the group on selected recordings are Dan Puccio (saxophones), and Mark Morgan (trumpet).

Albert Alabedra

I played on Albert’s first album before actually meeting him. A full year later we met at a mutual friend’s gig. We really connected at a mutual friend’s gig when the music was too loud for him to understand english. Luckily, I am fairly fluent in Spanish. Out of that experience we became fast friends. Since then, I perform with him whenever I can.

His project is very special because of the beautiful energy that it brings out in the musicians. When we are on stage together it is like we are family, no matter who happens to be in the band that day.      

He and I produced this album both at The Honablue Institute and in my home studio. At my place, one of us always had to keep an eye on my baby girl and keep her entertained. I am surprised he has any piercings left intact after she got done with him! They became great friends too through out the process.